Westfield unveils futuristic mall

Westfield unveils futuristic mall

15 June 2018

Leading shopping centre group Westfield has unveiled in London its vision for the future of retail under the concept ‘Destination 2028,” reports The Urban Developer.

The retail giant has turned its focus to attracting the next generation of consumers in an era of stalling bricks and mortar.

Providing a glimpse of how the future of retail may develop over the next ten years, the futuristic mall focuses on customer experience and leisure.

The new concept was developed using insights from a panel of experts, including a futurologist, fashion technology innovator, retail specialist and experimental physiologists.

The design focuses on the growing importance consumer will place on experience, leisure, wellness and community rather than concentrating solely on retail.

Features include hanging sensory gardens, artificial intelligence infused walkways in an environment designed to cater to every need of a new generation of shoppers.

Eye scanners recalling information on entry on a visitor’s former purchases will recommend personalised short-cuts around the mall, while magic mirrors and smart changing rooms will give shoppers a virtual reflection of themselves wearing new garments.

In case you forget you are hungry or thirsty, smart loos will monitor your hydration levels and nutritional needs.

The addition of allotments and farms will offer visitors the chance to pick their own produce for their meal, while a network of waterways offers an alternative route around the shopping centre in addition to access to water sports.

If that is not enough, wives can park their long-suffering husbands in ‘betterment zones,’ where visitors can participate in mindfulness workshops while enjoying green spaces indoors and outdoors.

Or to keep them occupied for an hour or two, they can let them loose in reading rooms that offer shoppers access to every book every written.

If these lack appeal, they can sip a latte or two in new stage areas that will host a series of showpiece interactive activities and events.

Pop-up spaces, temporary retail, and co-working spaces are also likely to emerge in the future of retail, according to the panel of experts.

Was shopping ever meant to be so much fun!