Melbourne Council unveils online 3D model

Melbourne Council unveils online 3D model

7 July 2017

Melbourne Council has unveiled a new online 3D model that reveals how the city’s skyline will look in the future, reports the Herald Sun.

“It’s like Google Earth, except some of the buildings don’t exist yet,” says Melbourne Lord Mayor Robert Doyle. “It shows what Melbourne will look like through the windscreen, not through the rear-view mirror.”

Believed to be an Australian first, the model shows existing buildings, as well as those that approved, under construction, or under application.

The model draws on data from the city council’s Development Activity Monitor and was developed in partnership with the US-based mapping platform Mapbox.

The map also gives a sense of how these developments may change the city at a social level,” notes the Broadsheet Melbourne.

The model reveals, for example, a surge in new student accommodation built over the past 12 months to cater for the growing numbers of international students living in the city.

“The interactive model shows 4,100 student beds currently under construction and a further 2,400 approved,” says Mayor Doyle. “This compares with the 12 months to May 2016 when there were just 791 student beds under construction.”

While most current development is for office and commercial use, the surge in student accommodation is more than matched by residential apartments. More than 50000 new residential dwellings are in the pipeline for the city, along with 8000 new hotel rooms.

Recent ABS data reveals that Melbourne is Australia’s fastest-growing capital city.

Melbourne Council has formally tracked residential and commercial growth through its Development Activity Monitor since 2002.

You can view the colour-coded online 3D model here: