Innovative modular design hotel opens in Perth

Innovative modular design hotel opens in Perth

17 November 2017

A new hotel in West Perth is set to revolutionise the Australian hotel market with its innovative modular design, reports Architecture & Design.

As Australia’s first integrated modular design hotel, the striking black Tribe Hotel uses a modular design and construction method consisting of prefabricated rooms.

“We’ve done it by modular construction,” Tribe co-founder Mark Peters told The Sydney Morning Herald.

“We manufacture the hotel rooms in a factory in China and put them on a ship to Australia. In basic terms we stack them up like Lego,” he explained.

“We can build cost effectively and faster than we would otherwise.”

The new hotel, which opened in June 2017, offers 126 affordable modular-designed rooms over nine-storeys.

The prefabricated rooms are fitted with essential amenities and finished with materials like natural stone, leather and marble.

Free Wi-Fi, floor-to-ceiling windows, smart TVs, a digital reading collection, and free movies on demand are also included.

“People have started to look at building modular hotels in Australia but we are one of the first ones to market,” said Mr Peters.

In 2016, Perth’s tallest prefabricated modular hotel, the 4.5 star, 18-storey, 120-room Peppers Kings Square Hotel opened.

The hotel’s rooms were built as individual modules in Melbourne and essentially stacked on each other at the Perth building site, says The West Australian.

Unlike the Tribe Hotel project, however, the Peppers prefab rooms did not come fitted out.

Hotel developers around the world are increasingly looking to modular construction, says Hotel Management magazine.

Hotel projects are completed more quickly—thanks to faster assembly time—and feature improved product consistency.

One U.S. pre-fabrication process constructs between two and four rooms per day, with shipping taking four to six weeks.

This shortened construction timeline means speedier occupancy and faster return on investment—inspiring news for lenders.

Marriott International opened the Folsom Fairfield Inn and Suites in Folsom, California, via modular building and expects to sign more deals this year for hotels in North America to be constructed the same way.

New York-based Pod Hotels recently opened its fourth modular hotel, the 254-room Pod Hotel Williamsburg in Brooklyn, reports Travel Weekly.

The 300-room CitizenM New York Bowery hotel on Manhattan’s Lower East Side will be completed next year.

Other modular-designed hotels have appeared in Europe, in particular the UK, Germany, and The Netherlands.