Listings Management

Zoo Property

Fresh, simple approach to
real estate listings management

Zoo Property is designed to make your job as a real estate agent more efficient and a lot more successful. Zoo Property is web based (cloud based) which means you can access it from any web browser through the internet. There are several things that make Zoo Property a great CRM solution for your business such as managing your contacts,lead generation and reminders. You can load buyers, vendors, landlords, tenants etc into the system and then track your communication with them.

Another major benefit of using Zoo Property is the Portal Pushing feature. With the growing numbers of real estate websites, competition for property visibility has never been fiercer. It is no longer enough for an agent to advertise their listings on their branded website. Vendors know it is a competitive marketplace and realise that their property has to be seen to be sold. Today’s seller expects that their property will be on all the major portal websites. If an agent cannot provide this service then they probably won’t get the listing. Portal Pushing is the perfect web solution for any real estate agent wanting to advertise their properties on multiple sites. This automated process allows you to add/manage your property listings in one location and then automatically load your listings to 3rd party real estate portals of your choice. Enquire today to find out how Zoo Property can help you save time and save money on your subscription.


Commercial Loop

A specialist commercial real estate CRM system

Commercialloop is designed for the modern agent meaning you can access your data anywhere whether in the office, at home, visiting a client or on the road. Regardless, of your location you can add/edit listings, contacts or generate and send marketing. CommercialLoop allows you to load your data automatically to all the leading commercial real estate portals. CommercialLoop loads to more portals then any other CRM provider. There is full export reporting from the leading portals meaning you can be 100% assured your listings stay updated at all times.

CommercialLoop smarts allows you flexibility when profiling listings and contacts. Look for exact matches or broaden search filters as needed. This maximises your marketing efforts allowing you to connect contacts with the correct listings. The powerful matching engine in CommercialLoop allows you to connect listings to your database. You can control the criteria with two sets of results, exact and similar matches. You can then send HTML emails to those contacts. CommercialLoop has a vault for each listing that allows you to grant access to interested buyers. You can make documents expire after a certain period of time, cut of user access, make certain files password protected. The Vault also allows you to track who and when potential purchasers login. To find out how CommercialLoop can work for you and the special rate for Property HQ Agents enquire below.