484-488 Pacific Highway, Wyong NSW

For Sale


$2,950,000 Ex GST

A fantastic opportunity to develop a key project in a high growth area of the Central Coast. Situated to the North of Wyong CBD is this amalgamated development site with front & rear access. Highly exposed to the Pacific highway, B6 Enterprise Corridor zoning with a maximum building height of 20m, this site has many uses, some of which are Hotel or motel accommodation, Serviced apartments, Shop top housing, Neighbourhood shops, Vehicle sales or hire premises.

With proximity to the M1 Motorway, large residential catchments in the immediate area with more housing projects currently under construction.

Features include:
*Max build height 20m
*Floor space ratio of 1.5
*Front & rear access
*Traffic lights for easy access.
*B6 Zoning

Popular neighbours such as McDonald's, 7 Eleven service station, Central Coast Motor Group dealership, Isuzu Dealership, Storage King, Cordina Fine Food Co.

For more information or to arrange an inspection, please call Ben Purdue 0450 719 600 today.

Zoning information:
B6 - Enterprise Corridor
1 Objectives of zone
• To promote businesses along main roads and to encourage a mix of compatible uses.
• To provide a range of employment uses (including business, office, retail and light industrial uses).
• To maintain the economic strength of centres by limiting retailing activity.
• To provide for residential uses, but only as part of a mixed use development.
• To provide primarily for businesses along key corridors.
2 Permitted without consent
3 Permitted with consent
Bulky goods premises; Business premises; Community facilities; Food and drink premises; Garden centres; Hardware and building supplies; Hotel or motel accommodation; Kiosks; Landscaping material supplies; Light industries; Markets; Neighbourhood shops; Passenger transport facilities; Plant nurseries; Roads; Rural supplies; Serviced apartments; Sewage reticulation systems; Shop top housing; Timber yards; Vehicle sales or hire premises; Warehouse or distribution centres; Water reticulation systems; Water storage facilities; Any other development not specified in item 2 or 4
4 Prohibited
Agriculture; Air transport facilities; Airstrips; Animal boarding or training establishments; Boat building and repair facilities; Camping grounds; Caravan parks; Cemeteries; Correctional centres; Crematoria; Depots; Eco-tourist facilities; Exhibition homes; Exhibition villages; Extractive industries; Farm buildings; Forestry; Freight transport facilities; Heavy industrial storage establishments; Industrial retail outlets; Industries; Marinas; Mortuaries; Open cut mining; Residential accommodation; Resource recovery facilities; Retail premises; Rural industries; Sewerage systems; Tourist and visitor accommodation; Waste disposal facilities; Water supply systems; Wharf or boating facilities