CLEARANCE SALE - 55 McLean St - Property SOLD


55 Mclean Street

Goondiwindi QLD 4390



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55 McLean Street, Goondiwindi
Saturday 1st September
10:00 AM

House is SOLD, Graham was a cabinet maker and lived here for many years as did his parents and so included in this sale is a lot of wood working tools, timber mouldings, house hold items, books, furniture, garden tools etc and the list goes on.
A lot of the chattels are old and in need of repair but there are some special items such as:-
- 2 Grandfather clocks
- Singer sewing machines
- Silky oak Bed & Robe
- Dining table and chairs
- Hall stand
- Hat rack with mirror
- Victor piano
- Marble top wash stand and jugs
- Linen box
- Glass display cabinet
- 2nd hand corrugated iron
- Roller door
- Bore pipe steel rod
- Two old cars WOLSELEY SIX NTJ 11 & 24/80 Automatic
- Electric tools
-Washing machine & Microwave
-Wood working tools
-Dressed timber
-JEWELLERY come into our office Friday 31st 5 PM—6 PM and check out a variety of jewellery including pendants, rings, watches, necklaces etc. pictures will be online